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Blue Flags 2023, Cilento still protagonist with 13 awards

The assignment of the 2023 Blue Flags took place on 12 May 2023 in Rome at the CNR headquarters. The recognition from the Fee, an international NGO for sustainability education based in Denmark and present in 81 countries, is assigned to localities on the basis of a series of parameters, including water cleanliness, waste management, green areas and cycle paths, services on the beaches and in the municipality, hotel facilities and more. There are 19 blue flags for the Campania region, 14 in the province of Salerno alone. It starts from Positano and then arrives in Cilento, a great driving force for the entire regional territory. The new entry is that of San Mauro Cilento. Then the confirmations of Capaccio Paestum, Agropoli, Castellabate, Montecorice, Pollica, Casal Velino, Ascea, Pisciotta, Centola, Camerota, Ispani and Vibonati. Also for 2023, the berths for the best marinas have received awards. Awards to the Marina d'Arechi of Salerno, to the tourist ports of Agropoli, Marina di Acciaroli, Palinuro and Marina di Camerota.
For the municipality of Capaccio Paestum, the words of the municipal councilor, with responsibility for tourism and entertainment, Antonio Scariati also arrived: "It is a great satisfaction to have obtained, for the ninth consecutive year, the Blue Flag of the Fee. It is a confirmation of the good work of the administration, led by the mayor Franco Alfieri, for the policies implemented in the environmental field, as well as tourism. , is a green Spiga Municipality, that is, it focuses on sustainable rural development, and is an inclusive and accessible Municipality, thanks to its barrier-free beaches.These are all elements resulting from precise political choices that contribute every year to obtaining recognition from the Fee. Thanks also go to the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector for their constant contribution".
“The Municipality of Agropoli is confirmed as a Blue Flag for the 24th year. This morning - comments Mayor Roberto Mutalipassi - the assignment ceremony took place in Rome. The important banner will fly on the beaches of Trentova, the seafront and the Marina. Excellent sea quality and adequate services have allowed us to reach this important milestone again this year. The Blue Flag leads to recognizing tourist realities that pay attention to purification as well as separate waste collection and everything related to tourist services, contemplated in the Fee Italia program. This year we are working to resolve the age-old question of beached Posidonia: in fact, the sifting works of the accumulations deposited on site for several years are underway in the Lido Azzurro area. We put in place a first approach to the problem last year, as soon as we took office and this year we are even more determined to bring it to a resolution, despite the difficulties".

"This year there are 19 "Blue Flags" awarded to Campania, one more than in 2022. It is an important recognition - comments the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca - which confirms the attention and commitment of the Region for the quality of our bathing water, signaled on the podium at a national level.The water purification program, and above all the control of spills, is producing important results and lead us to continue with great commitment to achieve complete bathing of our coasts from Garigliano to Sapri. The judgment on tourist landings in Campania is also positive, with 9 ports which have been awarded the Blue Flag".