Balloon festival in Paestum 2020

Exciting flights and events

Also this year the Mongofliere Festival takes place in Paestum with the possibility of free or restricted flights!
The International Hot Air Balloon Festival returns to Paestum from 10 to 18 October 2020, although this year, of course, all anti-Covid rules must be followed for the safety of all participants. In fact, it will be mandatory to wear a mask and keep the distance of 1 meter.
As for every edition, it will be possible to admire the flight of the beautiful and colorful hot air balloons above the suggestive scenery described by the temples of Paestum and visitors can participate by choosing between free flight and bound flight.
Definitely a unique and very suggestive experience.
The bound flight
As for the bound flight, the balloon, which will remain safely anchored to the ground, will rise by about 20-25 meters, allowing in any case to admire the temples from above. This is the least adventurous experience, for the less "brave".
Prices: adults 15 euros | children 10 euros. They can be purchased directly in the area.
Free flight
On the other hand, those who want to experience an extra thrill can choose free flight for a journey that varies between 30 and 50 minutes starting from the archaeological area of Paestum. Naturally, you will fly higher than in bound flight and the landing will take place in a large, flat and safe space. Free flights must be booked.
Hours: Starting from 7.30 in the morning and, in the afternoon, from 16.30. The total duration between inflation, flight and landing is approximately 2 hours.
For prices contact the organizers directly.
Music and events
Not only flights in mongofliera to Paestum because the days will also be enlivened by music and different types of events, such as street artists performances. There will also be play areas for children.
Information on the Balloon Festival
When: from 10 to 18 October 2020
Where: Temples of Paestum
Prices and timetables: being updated
Info, contacts and reservations: Vivere Paestum website | Facebook page | 3335601504